Lisa Remmer

Meet Lisa

30 years ago San Franciscans discussed issues.  One party rule, name-calling, and hostility to non-“progressive” solutions, have hurt the Intellectual discourse, closing our minds to ideas and solutions that could resolve many of our local and national problems.

I am the product of public schools, including my MA from San Francisco State University. I believe our local governments need to support schools that allow students to develop to their fullest potential and inspire them with a lifelong love for learning, rather than disenfranchising students with unmerited, automatic promotion. Having taught remedial math and writing to CCSF and SFSU students for over 10 years, I’ve seen our High Schools leave many students woefully unprepared.

I’ve also spent 10 years teaching United States government and history to Vietnamese immigrants. I believe our federal government was formed to protect our national security and individual liberty, including property, not to give us “stuff”, making us ever more dependent.

Homelessness, drug abuse, and neglect of youth all waste human potential. When political correctness prevents leaders from publicly questioning the status quo or acknowledging crime, government is shirking its duty to protect “We The People”.

San Francisco voters deserve the opportunity to send a moderate voice to Washington who will work across the aisle, rather than one who abuses power to enrich her family.

I pledge to encourage innovation, rather than smothering businesses with regulations and administrative paperwork.

I am endorsed by the San Francisco Republican Party.

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